Transitional Housing

This program consists of twenty single rooms in one building located at 98A Elm Street, Danbury, Connecticut. All potential residents must be referred by the agency providing support services. The SRO is considered transitional housing for homeless individuals. The maximum length of residency is twenty-four (24) months. Residents pay thirty percent (30%) of their gross income for participation in this program.

House rules were created and implemented by the residents, with monthly house meetings to air grievance and to discuss any pertinent issues and concerns. It is the intention of this program that residents, working closely with their support service providers, utilize this period of time to develop skills, budget and save their money to secure permanent housing within the twenty-four (24) month time frame.

Homeless Preventions Program
98A Elm Street
Danbury, Connecticut
Site Manager: Amy Anderson
(203) 798-6350
Structure Type: Single Room Occupancy House
Total Units: Please Call
Amenities: Direct services, laundry facilities, maintenance, centrally located on bus line