Housing Choice Voucher Programs/Section 8

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher
2 Mill Ridge Road
Danbury, Connecticut
HCV Manager: Jennifer Delaney
(203) 744-2500 Ext. 126

Administered by the Housing Authority under the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, vouchers are issued for units in the private market. The family composition determines the bedroom size of the voucher. Vouchers are available for efficiency through four bedrooms when qualifying.

Applicants are selected by preference,then chronologically from the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list. The tenant’s rent is based on thirty percent (30%) of the household adjusted gross income. The difference is subsidized by the Housing Authority. A security deposit when required by the landlord is the responsibility of the tenant. A utility allowance will be provided when necessary.

Once the voucher is issued the tenant has sixty (60) days to locate a unit. If the tenant demonstrates that he or she has been actively searching for an apartment and yet is unsuccessful, additional time may be granted. When the tenant locates an apartment, an inspection is performed on the unit. The unit must pass inspection. When it does meet the Housing Quality Standards a lease is executed. If the apartment does not meet the required standards the landlord is allowed time to meet the required specifications.